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Poker HUD

Display different stats on different players at the table depending on:

Position of the player

Relative position to Hero

Effective stacksize of the player

Initial players count in hand

Hands sample

Color marker

Actions in hand*

*Except PokerStars

PokerMaster HUD

99.9% precise poker HUD on PokerMaster and many other Android poker-rooms.

PokerMaster HUD is fully integrated into our software with Short Deck Hold 'em and full straddle support.

PokerMaster HUD on Android Emulator and PC PokerMaster
PP/KK Poker
All-in Poker
Poker session statistics

Analyze your results

Sessions and Graphs are standard ways to watch and analyze your winnings.

“Fish Count”, “Relative fish position” reports are examples of unique and extremely usefull reports adopted to the modern competetive online poker environment.

Explore your opponents

All high stakes professional players among our users recognize Hand2Note as the most efficient software for exploring their opponents’ game.

The key is interactive and responsible popups with a lot of information on the player in one place.

Statistical popup

High Performance

Days of slow import, freezes and huge databases are long gone.

Hand2Note uses the latest data compression and database technologies to achieve the highest performance while operating high volume of comprehensive calculations and huge data flow.

HUD and popup editor

Create any custom stat you need

Easily create any specific statistics you need in our HUD, Popup and Filter Editors with intuitive user interface.

Build comprehensive popups incredibly faster then in any other poker tracking software using Mass Clone.

Use mathematical Expressions to create stats with complicated logic of calculation

More Details

Migrate your stats from other software

We provide private service helping customers migrate their HUDs and popups from Holdem Manager, NoteCaddy and Poker Tracker to Hand2Note.

We guarantee fast and reliable private HUD development of any complexity.

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Hand2Note private HUD service

Professional notes taking system

Notes templates

Take a note in 3 clicks

You will spend much less time to make standard notes on your opponents. Espesially usefull for people who play many tables and have a lack of time during game process.

Note a hand

Insert hands into notes

Insert short visual represantation of a hand instead writing it as a text. It will increase readability of your note and provides more important information about noted hand: positions, actions and board.

Notes on a stat

Pin note to a stat

This feature solves the biggest problem of notes taking: you don’t have time to find required notes among dozens of other notes on a single player.

Pin note to a specific stat and then all your notes will be structured according to its relevant spots.

HUD and popup editor

Find leaks and exclude loosing spots in your game

Find leaks in your game estimating expected value of each action with Hand2Note EDGE package.

Hand2Note shows how much money you won in a single spot taking into consideration pot and pot odds.

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Explore players pool with Range Research

Range Research designed to explore ranges of different types of players in spots where you usually don’t have enough sample on your opponent.

Range Reseach is evaluated as the most valuable feature of Hand2Note that may significantly improve your game and available only for the highest price package.

More Details
Explore opponents statistics in Range Research in Hand2note

And many more features

Hand Representation

Very compact short visual represantation of a hand contains all important information about positions, board and cards

Exclude reg vs fish spots

Hand2Note automatically excludes spots where regular played against fish while calculating statistics because regulars play in a completely different way against fish. Your data will become much more accurate.

Hand Replayer like your table

Your replayer will look exactly like your table in the poker client

Advanced elements in Popup

Popups are not only for stats! Insert preflop/postflop diagrams, notes, hand of lists and even tabs inside other tabs.

Notes Taking

– Insert hand right into notes

– Pin a note to a specific stat

– Write note by three clicks by selecting template

Automatic vs-Hero Stats

Hand2Note automatically calculates value of "vs Hero" for each stat. You no longer need to create them separately

Indicator of last player’s showdowns

Do you like watch every single hand fish played at the table? Then this feature is for you. All unchecked showdowns of a player are easy to access.


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