Dynamic HUD

  • A lack of space above the table makes impossible to display a lot of stats
  • Opening popup and finding each stat takes too much time while playing online

In hand2note you may show stats in HUD depending on the following parameters:

  • Position of the player regarding Hero’s position. For example, if you sit on BUTTON then you may show different huds for players on SB and BB
  • Effective stack sizes
  • Count of players at the table
  • Count of hands on the player. For example, you may show different HUD on the player if you have small sample on him
  • Color Marker of the player. For example, you may show different HUD on fish
  • Actions in hand (*Except PokerStars). For example, you may show stat CBET FLOP only when player did a continuation bet

Excluding reg vs fish spots

  • Regulars play against fishes in a completely different way than against other regulars
  • Hands where reg was playing against fish significantly distort actual stat values
  • From other side fish plays in the same way against all type of players

Hand2note automatically excludes reg-vs-fish hands while calculating statistics

Short visual representation of a hand

Poker hand visual representation

Showdowns list when you hover mouse over a stat

Poker hand list in statistics popup

Hands with showdowns contain much more information than stats but it is impossible to get an access to the relevant hands while playing at the tables

  • When you hover mouse over a stat hand2note shows full list of player’s hands in the spot. Hands have small visual representation and open very fast
  • You may display hands lists directly in popups

Watching all important showdowns while playing

Poker hands showdowns

For example, new fish seats at your table and you need find out his overall game style in a short term


Hand2Note has “hands counter” of last unchecked hands for the distinct player. It allows you to watch all player’s showdowns and never miss important hand

Poker hand replayer

Hands replayer

Opens immediately

Automatic play

on mouse over a hand

Fully customizable

You can make replayer style totally look like poker room table

Additional automated statistics on every stat

Every stat has popup with the following additional stats:

  • Next player’s actions
  • Bet sizing data
  • vs-Hero value of the stat
  • Postflop range
  • Showdowns
  • Action Profit
Statistics popup

Notes Taking

Notes Templates


You often have to write a lot of similar notes for different players


In hand2note you may create templates and then insert it into the note in two clicks while playing

Note poker hand


Taking hand into the note takes too much time and those notes have low readability


In hand2note you may insert a short visual representation of a hand

Note on a stat in a statistics popup


Notes become unreadable in case you have many notes on a player. Finding notes on a specific spot takes too much time during play if you have many notes on a player


In hand2note you may write notes on a distinct stat and it significantly simplifies finding required notes on a required spot. Also you may create several note groups, for example, separate notes for 3bet and raised pots

Statistics editor in Hand2Note

Fully customizable popups and stats

Hand2Note has very flexible statistics and its appearance customization tools.

Customizable filters allow to show stats depending on players actions, their positions, boards, bet size, pocket cards and hundreds of other parameters.

Range Research in Hand2Note

Analyze whole pool of players

Range Research designed to explore ranges of different types of players in the spots where you usually don’t have enough sample on your opponent.


Hand import speed



High Response Speed

(opening popups, diagrams, hands representations, notes). And displaying much more information on the screen at the same time.

Small Database Size

Most of the disk space is used by your hands history. Statistics built on 1 million hands requires only 400-500 mb of space.

Errors Protection

Any kind of error in filters never lead to slowing down the import, database size explosion or other annoying program bugs.