PokerMaster HUD

Just "Click & Play" easy to start 99.9% precision poker HUD on PokerMaster and other Asian rooms.

We support 50+ global rooms and the following Asian rooms:

PokerMaster HUD on Android Emulator and PC PokerMaster
PP/KK Poker
All-in Poker
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Easy to start fully integrated HUD

All you need is to start Hand2Note and emulator.

High perfomance and full set of powerfull tools is available for you in Hand2Note itself.

Advanced note taking system, fully customizable statistics, reg-vs-fish spots exclusion, advanced popups etc.

Short Deck

6+ Hold 'em (Short Deck) HUD is fully supported and integrated with tracker.

Positional and Dynamic HUD support.

Integrated straddle support.

Create stats depending on straddle like 3-Bet From Straddle

Gather hand histories in Observer mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy separate subscription for each room?

No. ASIA subscription supports all Android Emulator rooms in a single package.

Which emulators do you support?

Officially supported emulators:

Other emulators probably will work too.

If I bought EDGE subscription do I need to buy anything else to use HUD at PokerMaster?

Yes, you need to buy ASIA subscription to use HUD on PokerMaster or other Android rooms even if you have EDGE subscription.

What are the first steps to start HUD on PokerMaster?

1. Install Hand2Note or higher and start it.

2. Start the Android emulator and your room.

3. Open any active table and HUD should be immediately shown.


PokerMaster currently is the main Chinese poker room

Played on Smartphones

PokerMaster client works only on Android and iOS smartphones.

High Stakes

The lowest stakes are NL 400¥ (1$ = 6.6¥) with ante and deep stack sizes. The highest stakes are NL 60,000¥ (approx. NL10,000$).

Access only through affiliates

Registration is available only through specialized affiliates. You can't register and play directly.

Multitabling on Emulators

Multitabling is possible and officially allowed using with the use of emulators.

Weak Players

Most players are chinese. A lot of very weak players.

High quality software

Convenient and relatively stable software.